Over 50 years of experience across a range of solutions focused on business outcomes and positive experiences.  We understand the broad landscape of industry specific technologies and provide the expertise to achieve more leveraging the latest on-premise, hybrid, and cloud technology solutions.

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We focus on business challenges and provide technology solutions.

The time spent with customers is valuable.  We focus on delivering productive solutions without losing focus on critical areas including price, performance, scale, and security.  Expertise in Migrations, Infrastructure, Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Application Modernization, Security, and Cost Optimized Engagements.  On-Premise, Hybrid, and Cloud deployments are focused areas where we can help solution, deploy, and manage. 

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On-Premise, Hybrid, or Cloud Performance is optimized to achieve results.


Function is a core necessity, but design is critical to a solution design.


Once a solution is deployed support needs to be a part of the project.  Support options will be discussed and prioritized as part of all projects.  


What happens after a solution is deployed and the business needs change or require updates?  


Easy Installation

Let the experts install but train to ensure a smooth easy experience.

Too many times have system integrators overpromised and underdelivered.  We are here to achieve success and part of the success is planning, installation, and ongoing support.  

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Cloud Consulting Services to focus on Business Outcomes

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Assessments
  • App Innovation
  • Data & AI
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Modern Workplace

Business Strategy and Cloud Consulting

Networking Planet has experience working with businesses and guiding with innovation and outcomes in mind. We've experienced both as employees of large fortune 500 employees and integrators the challenges of deploying technology. We can focus on your business and help connect solutions to provide optimal outcomes understanding costs and challenges.

  • Executive Information Technology Planning
    Planning for budgets needs awareness of both operational costs and options moving into the future horizons. We provide data center expertise, cloud consultation, hardware analysis, operational rate view, digital transformation consulting, MaCC/CtC Cloud Consumption Planning, 3PN EA Negotiation, and P2P Microsoft Partner Onboarding.
  • Cloud Strategy Planning
    We investigate areas of the business and operations challenged by technology which can leverage cloud. The assessments can evaluate current cost challenges as technology is implemented and help to improve business value through assessments and consulting engagements. The assessment(s) option to the left goes more in depth around the specific cloud offerings including cloud rationalization.


Networking Planet has experience providing assessments with many customers in multiple technology areas working very closely with the business aligning with existing and future technology considered.

  • Data and Infrastructure Migration
    Modernizing Servers & Data center environments and prioritize their workloads and applications to transition to the cloud with a digital transformation strategy deliverable.
  • Application & Database Modernization
    Assist customers to identify and prioritize applications and databases for cloud modernization. The modernization assessment looks for a phased approach to migration attempts with cloud ready migration targets and cost optimized movements into the cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure Foundations
    Help customers understand their cloud maturity and provide steps to digitally transform.
  • Analytics Assessment
    Transforming data analytics with focus on business outcomes and performance.
  • Modern Workplace Assessment
    Provide customers visibility into IT environments while helping them improve end-user productivity. Our experience helps to enable the proper use of Microsoft 365 by leveraging the tools and understanding methods and secure ways of advancing deployment.
  • Contract & Licensing Optimization Assessment
    Help customers get the most out of their IT investments with advice for the right contract licensing to support business strategy and business outcomes.
  • Cloud Security Assessment
    Provide customers with a detailed look at their cybersecurity infrastructure, tools, and processes and help them establish processes and changes to reduce risk.

App Innovation and Development

The bigger question is what is app innovation? We have developers with deep knowledge across many platforms and deep experience in dev opps and building out a strong healthy framework stemming from great ideas.

  • Development Direction
    With applications running our world we have challenges from the range of platforms, clients, clouds, and technologies. Let us sit down and talk through your current strategies and ensure optimization and the right paths are taken.
  • Dev Opps
    DevOps is a software development approach which bridges the gap between development and operational teams by automating build, test and deployment of applications. It is implemented using the CICD pipeline. We can assess and help through proper devops and recommendations.
  • Analysis
    Code review, optimization, performance analyis, feature review, and general review of code is where we can assist.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

The world is filled with Data and Artificial Intelligence(AI). AI and Machine Learning are wonderful tools and can provide high value to your business and solutions. These technologies can enrich your data and provide deeper insights than ever achieved before. Let us help you on your journey and help you understand your options!

  • Big Data / Old Infrastructure / Limited Options
    Big data lakes, large data warehouse, old mainframes, high license charges, and large pools of unstructured data are typical these day. We can help evaluate and build out a strategy to leverage the technology today which can enhance big data through multiple methods and help to manage, maintain, clean, and present. We've worked with customers around the world to enhance their data transformations. Modernizing Database Servers & Data Center environments along with prioritizing their workloads and applications. A focus on digital tranformation and optimization while moving and managing data is key to achieving success during these engagements.
  • Application & Database Modernization

    Assist customers to identify and prioritize applications and databases for cloud modernization. As products like SQL Server 2008 and 2012 reaching end of life there are opportunities to identify methods and ways to modernize and optimize costs and security.
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science
    How can we use the intelligence and logic in a profitable way to enhance business outcomes and objectives. We can help to analyze, build, and create inteligent decisions and use the best tools. Help customers understand their cloud maturity and provide steps to digitally transform.
  • Data Analytics
    Transforming data analytics with focus on business outcomes and performance. We can help to look into advanced analytic opportunities and help to optimize both performance and optimize reporting requirements.


The technology world starts with infrastructure.  Networking, Compute, Virtual Machines, and Virtual Desktops are examples of solutions we have many years of experience in designing, maintaining, and deploying.  VMware and Hyper-V are specialities along with consulting to build out sustainment and future operations. 

  • Identity
    Azure Active Directory, Consolidations, Design, Site Management, B2B, B2C, SAML, OAUTH, and many identity integrations are available.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Working closely with Business and IT staff to test and ensure DR tests execute correct. We can help build and improve redundancy in your infrastructure. We can scale across clouds and your local data centers to build that strength in your deployed technology. DR is a planned and evolving solution that needs deep expertise to be ready in case of an emergency.
  • Configuration
    Extending to a 2nd Data Center or Extending into a cloud provider
  • Admin/Migration
    Azure Administration, Migration, Server Updates, Server Deployment, Infrastructure as Code, and multiple areas in Infrastructure Management. We ensure your staff understands the technology and builds the right blueprints to keep it secure and reliable.
  • Information
    Knowledge transfer and smooth understanding of potential options as it relates to Disaster Recovery, Operations, Security, and Deployment.
  • Networking
    Our staff has deep expertise in routing, provisioning, troubleshooting, and planning network architecture. Our experts can manage your routers, firewalls, and ensure your network meets your business goals. Networks don't run themselves and we are here to assist.


Security is critical to companies of all sizes.  Security should start from the initial idea to deployment and modernization phases.  We provide assessments and manual consultation services to both evaluate and help to enhance your security posture in the technology world.  

  • Security Assessment
    We can review your infrastructure and help identify with remediation steps.  Security has to be maintained and monitored to enhance protections in the environment.  We focus on both technology and security practices to improve on security posture and build more resiliency to protect corporate technology assets.  
  • Identity
    Your environment may be secured but identity is a huge vulnerability in all organizations. We can help review and enhance your employees through multifactor authentication, deep reporting, and better visibility in your employee behaviors when they are accessing your corporate assets.
  • Firewall
    We can help deploy and manage your firewalls to protect your organization.  Application Firewalls, Packet Inspection, SSL end to end solutions, and secure web publishing are areas we can help.  
  • SIEM
    Siem management and Logging is critical in the security space. We can review existing alerts, remediate, and help to deploy new security logging solutions. We can review logs and help with remediation around the critical issues that arise.  Microsoft Sentinel is an example of a solution we've helped to deploy and configure.  

Modern Workplace

Working with Office 365 since it's early existence is expertise we have. Managing email, files, desktop management, Teams, and all the incredible features of Microsoft Office 365 including Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, and Active Directory.

  • Exchange
    Having deep expertise in deploying and managing global email infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of mailboxes over the years.
  • Sharepoint
    Managing content, Migrations to Office 365, Sharepoint vs File Shares, Sites, Lists, and Development are just a few examples of where we can help.
  • Teams
    Intial deployment to leveraging the advanced features within teams from voice to power apps and automated functionality. Core management and feature review.
  • Power Apps
    Low to no code solutions enabling automation and full featured capability to solve business problems through automation and applications.

High Quality Structured Delivery 

Networking Planet is focused on cost, value, delivery, performance, and security.  Every discussion begins with understanding high level goals with business objectives clearly defined.  Expected outcomes is the correct way to deploy technology.  We have a defined approach to every problem and solution delivered, designed, and deployed.  

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